Kumbh Darshan

Kumbh is an occasion but with the passage of time it took the shape of a Religious and cultural festival, which leaves an impression on whole world, such a festival where one thinks about religion and culture. Such a festival whose culture is “Vishnupadi” Ganga itself. Earlier, shape of this festival was small but now from 12th century the festival has grown. It is seen spread all over area from Parade ground to under Triveni Dam, from Daraganj to the border of Nagvasuki, From Jhunsi (Pratishthanpuri) and in Arail (Alarkpuri). The shape of the festival depends on the direction of Ganga, wherever it takes turn, whichever space is left by it, makes it obvious to be covered by the festival.

The festival of Kumbh or Ardh Kumbh is not a festival of market or fair instead it is the festival of knowledge, asceticism and devotion. Religious atmosphere is seen everywhere in this festival. Whichever camp you visit, in between smoke of Yagya (religious sacrifice), voice of ved mantras is heard, elucidation, dances based on mythological epics, prayers, preaches of saints and sages, a different society is seen. Traditional procession of Akharas, shining swords of naga sages in Shahi Snan (royal bath) between elephants, horses, musical instruments, horse race attracts lakhs of devotees to visit Kumbh.

It is a festival of leaders of different religions of society. Seeing the growing population in festival small markets have taken the shape of a large market, Government and Administration has also involved itself for the convenience of festival. This festival is the festival of honor and dignity of Prayag. It is the festival of utmost devotion of lakhs of sacred performers. To run food providing areas by holy sacred donators for providing food to poor, helpless and saints. Ganga is the mother of all in this festival. All are her sons. It is the festival of the spirit of गंगे तव दर्शनात मुक्ति- Such a huge size of public does not assemble at one place continued for a month in any part of the world. The land of Prayag, the decider of sins and holy acts, has the honor to conduct this festival.

This festival too is celebrated in the township of tents, and not that of houses of bricks and stone, it is held on the cold sand of Sangam. It is held under open sky covered with fog. It is a tough test of human devotion. People come to this festival with the spirit of earning holy acts. Sinners end automatically. This is the festival of self thinking. This is a festival of this world and the other world where, provision of all the donations including cow-donation, gold-donation, secret donation, donation/offering given to manes is there.

" गंगा मैया तोका पियरी चढक़इहौ, भरदे अचरवा हमार "

This is the festival of wishes. People from every religion and caste are present in the festival in one or another form, saints and sacred performers from every caste are present in the festival. A small place takes the shape of mini India. Different types of language, tradition-culture’ dress, food, way of living, can be seen at various places in this festival and the most important specialty is that crores of people reach here without any invitation.